NSP CocoMat Cruise (Natural Blue)

650.00 BHD680.00 BHD

Our most popular board in the NSP range and one of the most popular SUP’s in the world. 

About CocoMat Technology: Eco-friendly precision molded SUP boards utilizing coconut husks.

  • CocoMat is an innovative, sustainable, proprietary and patent pending technology.
  • NSP uses raw coconut husk fibers from naturally sustainable plantations and eco-friendly bio-resin.
  • Visually unique board with an unmatched strength to weight ratio.
  • Light to carry, easy to maneuver and even lighter to paddle.
  • Responsive flex and strength gives confidence to push your limits in the conditions.



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  • Suitable for all riders of all sizes and skill levels, the design features a wider nose and rounded square tail creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.
  • The double concave bottom shape delivers glide that makes this a super stale and fun board on flatware and small waves.
  • 9’8″ model has a rounded tail for greater maneuverability.




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