NSP 02 The Quest – Inflatable

580.00 BHD

  • TCT Technology – 3 air chambers creates additional safety should board get punctured and high side walls keep fish on the deck
  • Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination.
  • 3x standard Scotty accessory mounts on deck
  • 2x 3″ round Scotty mounts on nose and tail
  • 2x Neoprene carry handle
  • 6 point removable cargo straps on nose
  • 4 point removable cargo straps on tail
  • 4x D-rings for shoulder carry straps
  • 6x D-rings on deck for additional attachments (i.e. seat, icebox)
  • 2x D-rings on tail
  • 1x D-ring on nose deck and bottom
  • 9″ Hybrid fin
  • Triple action pump
  • Premium dual compartment wheelie bag with integrated paddle and pump holder
  • Full line of after market Scotty accessories


For those who love to fish, run the rapids, or carry lots of gear while exploring.

Standard size: 11’6″ x 39″ x (5″+2″) (340 Ltr)



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